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Did you know you can get expert financial advice delivered to your email inbox weekly or daily? These email newsletters give great advice on everything from saving money to spending it the right way.


LearnVest helps you take control of your budget so you can live the life you want. They don’t teach you to make money, they teach you to use it to make the life you want. With articles like “My House is Teeny Tiny — and I’ve Never Been Happier” and “Tales of the Irresponsible Younger Sibling,” they don’t just lecture you on saving, they actually give you valuable advice that relates to a variety of people.

In fact, Alexa von Tobel, CEO and founder of LearnVest, was recently named one of 41 female founders every entrepreneur should know by Mashable.


OK, so if you’re looking to find ways to save money or spend it better, you’re probably thinking of tips and tricks. Those have their place, but you also need to know where to buy. We’ve all heard of Groupon and LivingSocial, but Fab is a different beast. Part trend-finder, part money-saving resource, Fab will send you daily emails about trendy home furnishings, clothing and accessories, kid’s fashion and other great items for parents, and even great swag for your pets. All for ridiculously low prices you can’t get anywhere else. But keep your eyes on your email. They only sell so many of each item, and when it’s gone, you’ll have to pay full price somewhere else.


DailyWorth is a “community of women who talk money.” You’ll receive a daily dose of ideas and tips (and sometimes a bit of reality) to your inbox. With newsletter series like Daily Worth, MoreWorth and CreateWorth, you can customize the tips and tricks you get. Sometimes, you may see tips to stretch your budget. Other times, you may see tips on great ways to splurge! Either way, you’ll learn a thing or two about controlling your cash-flow… from women just like you.

The Dollar Stretcher

Get a financial tips newsletter customized to your needs. The Dollar Stretcher lets you sign up for multiple sections, including the Surviving Tough Times, The Dollar Stretcher Parents and Financial Independence (among others). Sign up for Healthy Foods, and you’ll get an email a couple of times a week featuring nutrition tips, info about foods you may not know about and a recipe!

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