Tally Accounting Software Advantage and Features

Tally Erp 9 is the worlds fastest and most powerful con-current multi-lingual business accounting and inventory management software. Tally Erp 9 is a multilingual software and codeless enterprise system. Tally 9 performs better with the faster processor, free hard disk space of at least 40 MB and more random memory.It is a leading accounting package. It provides complete business solution. It is flexible and easy to use. It also helpful for the packing solution to suit any business entity.

Advantage- It is a simple and quick installation procedure. The users can install the program file on any partition of the hard drive. Its built in user friendly backup nd restore option. Tally provide reliable data. It provides powerful and comprehensive security features for users.

Demerits- Tally sometimes require double entries for certain functioning. It may take more times for some uncomplicated functions. Gui based features not very attractive, customer support is not very enhanced. Tally does not provide one button of default setting of this software. There is no improvement in old version of tally.

How to make Accounting entry in Tally.ERP9 Accounting Software

Accounts Voucher is the primary document in which the complete details of accounting transaction are recorded, like:

Payment of Salary to EmployeesWithdrawals of Cash from Bank Account

You make an accounts voucher when you receive or pay money. But there are many instances of non cash business transaction that requires a voucher entry, like:

  • Credit Sale
  • Provision of Depriciation for Fixed Assets
  • Appropriation of Profit to Partner's Capital Accounts

As per accounting principle, all accounting transactions may be entered in Journal Voucher. In fact, in old days, people used only one day book called Journal to record all transaction, cash or non-cash. But for sake of convenience, various Types of vouchers have evolved, according to nature of transactions.

  • Contra Entry:- For cash deposit and cash withdrawal from bank i.e. Bank to cash or cash to bank deposits we use contra .
  • Payment Entry :- For bank payment or cash payment to parties or suppliers against purchase of goods / services we use payment voucher.
  • Receipt Entry :- For bank receipts or cash receipts from parties or customers against sale of goods / services we use receipt voucher.
  • Journal Entry :- For recording credit expense, credit income or provisional adjustment entries we use journal voucher.
  • Sale Voucher :- For cash sale or credit sale transactions we use sale voucher.
  • Purchase Voucher :- For cash purchase or credit purchase transactions we use purchase voucher.
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