QuickBooks Cloud A Radical Shift in Accounting

Many business owners find it daunting to organize and manage the financial information of their companies. Some companies hire qualified and experienced accountants to manage the financial details, whereas others use specialized accounting software to manage their financial information. The accounting software has made it easier for small businesses to manage their books without any additional investment and personal support. Based on your needs, you can choose from several all-in-one accounting software programs.

But QuickBooks, developed and launched by Intuit, is more efficient in meeting your book keeping needs, in comparison to the conventional accounting software. Regardless of the type and scale of your business, you can use QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier to avail several benefits. In addition to using the software as a data hub to store your expenses and revenues, you can further use its features to track data about your customers, vendors and employees. Further, the software can generate customized invoices carrying your company logos and other details.

QuickBooks also come with a set of specialized features that makes it easier for you to manage your bills, carry on online banking transactions, and generate a variety of reports. Intuit also allows users to access QuickBooks in the Cloud. The innovative feature has helped many accountants to access the business details of their clients on the go. Now a professional can easily maintain, update and track his business details even when he is on the go. There are also certain features that make QuickBooks Cloud popular among the small, medium and large business owners. And that is why QuickBooks development is increasingly sought after.

What Makes Quickbooks #1 in Cloud Accounting?
Flexible Access to Business Data: Unlike the spreadsheets and conventional accounting software, QuickBooks allows you to easily organize your financial information in one place. You can use its built-in accounting features to calculate your finances without any error and ommission. Further, the automation of managing accounts will save your time and efforts on a daily basis. At the same time, you can enjoy some of the benefits of Cloud Computing including anytime, anywhere access to your business information and accounts. As you can access the financial transactions at your own pace, it will be easier for you to take more effective business decisions.

Smooth Data Sharing: Sometimes the financial information and data of a company need to be shared among several managers. Based on your policy, you can easily create access privileges to multiple users. Several users can further access and work with the financial information simultaneously, while the software will maintain detailed records of each user's activities. So you can easily identify the changes made by each user, and contact the appropriate person to seek clarifications. The online information storage also enables you to allow users to access the financial information from different locations.

Reduced Implementation and Maintenance Cost: The QuickBooks online also eliminate the needs of downloading and installing software on the local drives of your computer. So you are not required to upgrade and maintain the software on a regular basis. The online version of QuickBooks will be upgraded automatically, and allow you to enjoy the additional features and functionalities without incurring any additional expenses. The reduced implementation and maintenance cost of the Cloud accounting software also makes it affordable for the small and local business owners.

Always Secure and Backed up Data: In addition to offering you additional features, QuickBooks Cloud also keep you data secure and take regular backups. As the safeguards used by QuickBooks are advanced and industry-recognized, there are effective in keeping your business information secure, inaccessible and private. QuickBooks also uses some of the advanced encryption technologies used by large banks and multinational financial institutions. You can set specific access privileges to allow authorized users to access the details. The external consultants and accountants can also be provided with temporary passwords to suit the nature and duration of their assignments.

Best Solution for Small Businesses: Some of the features offered by QuickBooks also allow small business owners to avoid hiring a fulltime accountant. As the features can be easily synced with your bank account, it becomes easier to bank online, and track your expensed and revenues. Further, the option to generate customized invoices and reports allows you not to invest in office stationeries and other software programs. A small company also saves money on buying and maintaining conventional accounting software.

Intuit regularly updates QuickBooks by incorporating more advanced features. The 2012 edition of the software came with three additional features like a lead center, an inventory center and a document center. These features enable you to avail the benefits of several financial software programs in a easy, convenient and inexpensive way.

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